Stop & Sleep Fagagna On The Hills you can visit the Friuli hills along endless nature trails in the surrounding area still untouched .
The B&B is located along the road of the castles and ham representing an itinerary among the most interesting of Friuli Venezia Giulia. This road connects some of the most important centers of the hills of Friuli , an area in the region that offers a wealth of tourist offer , in terms of history , art, nature , food and wine .

The road forms a loop length of about sixty kilometers that offers the opportunity to be enchanted by a succession of fascinating passing through villages and imposing castles , country houses and votive churches.
For those who have problems of time, the most striking to travel the road of the castles and Ham is the bicycle , but also those traveling by car or motorbike can get an idea of the atmosphere and landscapes of the area.

Beginning the path from Fagagna along a very picturesque stretch that winds through the charming villages perched on the hills , in the heart of Friuli hills : a heart beat from the mild and gentle.
Fagagna Castle , Castle of Villalta Fagagna , Castle Moruzzo , Brazzacco Castle , Castle of Colloredo di Monte Albano , Cassacco Castle , Castle Zeglianutto , Fort Osoppo Susans Castle , Castle of Ragogna , Castello di San Daniele Friuli , Castello d’ Arcano that closes the loop us back to Fagagna .
Along the way, there is no shortage cottages, Prosciutterie and trattorias where you can taste over the famous San Daniele ham delicacies of the cuisine of Friuli .
The itinerary allows you to have a snack or a meal consumere in the characteristic restaurants and Prosciutterie Friuli , in picturesque corners of the area where you can taste the famous prosciutto di San Daniele and other local specialties including, trout, Frico potatoes, cjarsons , the donkey stew , cheese and dairy pestât ( slow food ).

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