Raimonda e Loris di Stop & Sleep Udine

We are Raimonda and Loris, parents of two wonderful teenage children Giulia and Giacomo. 

We have always liked to travel, we consider it the best investment you can make.

Our degree program, respectively in foreign languages ​​and literatures and in law, and our professions are not exactly related to the tourism sector, but the constant training and the desire to learn made us try our hand in the fascinating and complex non-hotel sector.

We started the first Stop & Sleep Udine Front Station in 2012, our motto has always been to try to “give our guests what we would like to find in their place”: a unique welcome that combines warmth and professionalism.

Passion, enthusiasm, love, determination to grow and contribute are the values ​​that have accompanied our success: today we manage several guesthouses in Udine and its province: Stop & Sleep Udine Front Station, Stop & Sleep Udine Front Hospital, Stop & Sleep Fagagna On the Hills, Stop & Sleep Venzone and Sleep In Udine Front Station.

Thanks to this activity Raimonda was able to quit her previous job and dedicate herself to the family and to our guests.

All our Stop & Sleep structures combine safety with maximum comfort and are characterized by:

  • strategic positioning “just cross the street …”
  • stylish and exclusive rooms set up with refined and design furnishings.

Our daily challenge is to make a difference by anticipating the expectations of our customers. It will be a pleasure to meet you at Stop & Sleep making you feel at home.

Raimonda e Loris di Stop&Sleep Udine

March 2018, Florence
Great satisfaction for Stop & Sleep Udine where we received an unexpected and very welcome recognition from our mentor dr. Danilo Beltrante during the most important national event of non-hotel tourism “Vivere di Turismo Now” for obtaining excellent results at the “Master Start-Up successful tourist training”.
All this stimulates us to grow, improve and achieve excellent results.